Issues and possible enhancements

    Known Issues

  • View Trace is experimental - no offset/scale of child layers
  • SVG import is weak and may fail on unexpected whitespace
  • When animating, advanced & path properties may not be reset
  • Shape/path layers can be deleted even if used in tweens or shown in trace view

    Possible minor enhancements

  • Draw icons for zoom in, out and reset
  • Restrict drawing user interface when creating Paths
  • Slider control on timeline and pause button on play controls
  • Recalculate tween start/end if duration is changed
  • Drag of segment or object when segment is selected
  • Scale and move gradient box when scaling/moving selection
  • Scale filter distances and x/y blur when scaling
  • Mirror rounded rect instead of copying it
  • Snap to points in proximity or to whole grid points
  • Add options for different coding styles and class types
  • Remove default params from Bevel and DropShadow

    Possible Adobe AIR enhancements

  • Add AIR open/save dialogs to script dialog
  • Add AIR frontend with save/restore of default settings

    Possible larger enhancements

  • Add roundtrip scripting in flash 10, flex, svg and/or xaml
  • Add support for alternative Flash animation libraries
  • Full scene preview with masks, rotation, scaling and animation
  • Online viewer so scenes can be viewed without compilation
  • Rotation as direct manipulation when drawing or viewing
  • Undo/redo facility - requires MVC Command pattern
  • Tab/focus management and keyboard shortcuts
  • Symbolic values in ActionScript (color, position, constants)
  • Upload of bitmap picture as background for tracing
  • Tab page with procedural perlin noise based textures
  • Tab page with L-System generation of natural shapes
  • Tab page with key frame animation and shape morphing
  • Tab page with particle animation and physics

Changes from earlier versions

    Version 0.6.5 Alpha Changes

  • Fixed onChangeCoordinateSystem so changes take immediate effect in generated code
  • Added grey spelling variants of gray to ColorNameTable
  • Refactored code generation into separate backend classes
  • Added preliminary syntax highlight for XML scripts (degrafa/Flex/SVG/XAML) and HotRuby
  • Added script language and size for syntax highlight in script window options
  • Updated to dslib 1.02 and removed chewtinfoil string library. Upgraded to NaturalDocs 1.4.

    Version 0.6.1, 0.6.2, 0.6.3, 0.6.4 Alpha Changes

  • Updated Air build to Flex 3 Release and animation library wrapper to haxe 1.18.
  • Earlier updates was for Air Flex 3 Beta 2/3 and haxe 1.16 and earlier.
  • Haxe 1.17 threw an assert when building animations. No functional changes.

    Version 0.6.0 Alpha Changes

  • Implemented haXe code generation and reverse engineering as an alternative to ActionScript 3
  • Added AIR desktop frontend with load of file given on the commandline or dropped on start icon
  • Fixed display of UI control point indicators which was shown incorrectly in view trace
  • Fixed tween target value which was sometimes rounded to an integer value
  • Changed the mirror functions to temporarily switch to point mode so the copying is less surprising in shape mode; shape mode may still have surprising behaviour because it applies the same style to all parts even when a change might not be expected, for example when switching layers; shape mode is best used only temporarily as the introduction also warns
  • Eliminated blank lines from code generation when paths were used

    Version 0.5.4 Alpha Changes

  • Disabled view trace during class reverse engineering so artifacts of earlier scenes are not left behind
  • Added movie scene render to stage resize handling, so all stroke layers are resized with view trace on
  • Fixed changing of framerate so it actually changes the framerate
  • Added reverse engineering of timeline loop state
  • Added display of framecounter in status field and disabled event handlers in drawing area during animation playback
  • Updated samples with SVG, motion and advanced value paths
  • Added code generation of coordinate system for paths so paths are shown as they were created when they are reverse engineered
  • Changed paths to be created with LineScaleMode.NONE so they are better viewed in small coordinate systems
  • Added web site pages, readme texts and precompiled swf files to source distribution
  • Changed Python build script to only optionally compile air package, reference manual and distribution tarball

    Version 0.5.3 Alpha Changes

  • Added up-to-date Flash presentation introductions for drawing, tween animation and path animation
  • Added introduction source code and samples to doc/samples
  • Changed build locations and added a small Python build script to make it easier to create uploads to sourceforge
  • Removed FlashDevelop project files - they built to incorrect locations because FlashDevelop ignore instructions in the config files. Seems to require a fix in FlashDevelop but FlashDevelop users can easily create project files themselves

    Version 0.5.2 Alpha Changes

  • Documentation overhaul for release of source code under BSD license
  • Move of website to Sourceforge
  • Added validation of paths for motion and value path tweens
  • Updated Adobe AIR build to Flex 3 and added icons

    Version 0.5.1 Alpha Changes

  • Improved scrollbar in script fields with draggable slider
  • Added confirmation dialog when deleting layers from the scene
  • Documentation improvements and updated to Flex3 SDK

    Version 0.5.0 Alpha Changes

  • Changed version number scheme so last number can be used for bugfix updates
  • Fixed unintentional blocking of grid controls
  • Ensured that drawing area stays square when resizing to preserve aspect ratio

    Version 0.0.4 Alpha Changes

  • Extended with multiple layers to support sprites and independent animation
  • Masks have been added - they mask their parent shape
  • Added zoom buttons to supplement grid controls and mouse wheel can also be used to zoom/pan
  • A version number is inserted into generated scripts so old versions may be reverse engineered
  • Updated animation library to boostworthy version 2.1
  • Compilation of scripts with animation of transforms and filters require the TweenEx class from the source distribution to be placed below the compilation directory or in the class path

    Version 0.0.3 Alpha Changes

  • Added tab and dialog box with animation based on extended boostworthy timeline animation and tweens
  • Added timeline and tween code generation and reverse engineering
  • Added animation play controls under drawing area - only visible when timeline exists
  • Changed calculation of color gradient used for tab pages to blend in better

    Version 0.0.2 Alpha Changes

  • Name change to µSprite to avoid a trademark in some jurisdictions
  • Added tab with import of SVG paths based on conversion of drawsvg_mm to AS3
  • Filters are no longer applied to control points and the selection indicator
  • Changed circle, rectangle, ... buttons to a flatter, shaded look that blends in better
  • Syntax highlighting is turned on/off depending on the amount of code as it is too slow for larger code segments
  • Whole shape rotation implemented in user interface.
  • DisplayObject properties (alpha, rotation, scaleX, scaleY, x, y) added to parser and code generator

    Version 0.0.1 Alpha Changes

  • Initial version and walkthrough introduction.
  • Implemented line methods: moveTo, lineTo, curveTo, lineStyle
  • Implemented fill methods: beginFill, endFill, createGradientBox, beginGradientFill
  • Implemented object methods: drawCircle, drawEllipse, drawRect, drawRoundRect
  • Implemented filter constructors: BevelFilter, BlurFilter, DropShadowFilter